You built your business from the ground up with blood, sweat, and tears — but in between all the things you know you’ve done well lies the grey area of what 

What if instead of doing #allthethings and second-guessing every little decision you make in your business, you could rework a few foundational areas and know exactly what steps to take to build a business that actually lasts? 

could be

Whether you want to pay yourself year-round without fear, work with clients who love your work + feel like friends, or you want to quit the comparison game + find a deeper joy in your work, I’m here to help. 


and many more!

Maybe you believed, even for a split-second, that there’s no place for simplicity, steadiness, consistent paychecks, or REST as a creative entrepreneur in 2022..

I mean, do any of these scenarios hit home?

  • You’re constantly caught up in comparison, left wishing you could connect with your clients on a deeper level like “she” does.

  • The bills never seem to end - there’s always one more expense you need to pay before you can pay yourself. 

  • You feel like you’re always booking your cheapest package, never working with the right people who really value your work. Like you’re stuck, unable to communicate the value of your top-tier offering.

  • You’re paralyzed by the fear of failure that comes with self-doubt about whether or not you can actually understand your numbers.

it’s time to ditch generic business advice that doesn’t directly trace its line back to your vision of success, and instead…

create a super clear, custom-to-you strategy to finally do the groundwork that gives your business something to stand on.


I didn't realize how valuable it was before, but I totally get it now. If you have a really good foundation for your business as a whole, then you can pivot into any direction you want. I just feel like now I am making business moves really confidently.

Kiana, Wedding Photographer + Business Coach

Think of me as your business strategist & BFF all in one ;) Some even call me their “business therapist.”

I spent my first 10 years as a photographer overworking, overspending and learning a LOT about business the hard way. I had no clue how to properly manage my finances, reach my ideal clients or really anything in my business for that matter.

I made a lot of mistakes in those first 10 years (like, a lot of mistakes), but if anything, all those hard lessons ultimately led me to building a healthy business with a strong foundation!

And now, I help women like you build the right business now, so you can live a healthy business always.

But there are 3 most dangerous lies creative entrepreneurs believe every day:

a recovered burnout queen turned business coach

Hi! I'm Val


“I’m too dumb to understand my finances.”

Y’all, my brain hates numbers. It seriously struggles, so you’ll often find me using my fingers to count. 🤪 But those numbers are the only metric that really matters. Your finances are the only thing telling us the actual health of your business and where it can go. With the right tools and support, I promise you CAN take back control of your money even if it seems impossible for your creative brain.

“Follow this secret marketing strategy and you'll book dream clients.”

A copy/paste strategy doesn’t account for your unique business, strengths and weaknesses, the specific audience you’re trying to reach, or what success looks like to you. If you want to finally build the business of your dreams, you’re going to need something more customized + intentional.

“More clients = more money and freedom”

Ok, let’s be real for a minute. Do you feel like most of your business problems would be solved if you just brought in more clients or made more money? I get it, it makes sense at first. But then even when you get a boost of new leads, you’re still struggling to manage your money, find clients that will book your ideal packages and keep the passion for your work alive. More money and more clients will not make your problems disappear. Actually, it’s more likely that it will expose them even more.

Making sense of your business isn’t second nature for most creatives...
you’re 100% not alone. 

But if your business isn’t built upon the kind of foundation that gives you direction and confidence in decision-making, it’s a sand-castle blueprint.  

Because having a strong foundation for your business? It matters. 

Imagine walking into 2023 with a framework to filter all your business decisions through so that brick-by-brick, you build a business you love that lasts.


A 4-month, high-touch, small-group coaching program for women in business who are ready to build (or rebuild) a STRONG business foundation that’s sustainable, purpose-filled, and leaves you feeling energized – not totally and completely exhausted and unfulfilled.





(Plus, extra support and encouragement from other female powerhouses like you!)


After coaching with you, I was clear on my why, my offerings and target market...and my business grew like crazy. I had more inquiries than I'd say yes to. I'm not afraid to look at my numbers anymore. I actually feel in control when I look at my finances. That's freedom!!! I'm capable of making better (and smarter) decisions. Your coaching style gave me confidence that this business thing doesn't have to be so hard or complicated when we give ourselves space and time to process. You always pointed me back to what truly matters in my life and empowered me to make decisions based on that. It's freeing and life changing! And I'm so grateful! 

Cynthia, Copywriter + Educator

→      intentional and personal processes that every creative entrepreneur needs, but most don’t have

→      a clear and unique-to-you definition of success that gets you excited 

→      a percentage-based finance strategy with spreadsheets built for the creative brain

→      a strategy to price for profit that clarifies your booking needs + goals

→     a total reframe of what your Why actually is and how it can change the way you connect with your ideal clients on a deeper level

→      confidence and clarity in offering only the services you believe in and bring you joy

→      a uniquely personal and powerful market research strategy that’s not rocket science

→      confidence that you can, in fact, be a creative *and* the CEO your business needs you to be

what you'll walk away with:

Constantly caught up in comparison and left wishing your clients understood how much you care? Clarify what success means to you and identify your deeper why so your business has purpose and relates to your ideal client on a heart-level.


Find your unique place in the market by learning the most powerful and personal approach to market research and how that guides your marketing to reach your ideal clients.


Build result and relationship driven offerings that align your passions and capability with your target market so you can deliver a service that lights your heart and serves people well.


It’s not just about making more money – it’s about managing and minding it well, too. It’s time to understand and optimize your numbers so you can make the right financial decisions that bring security and clarity to your business.


Over the course of 4 months, we’ll cover + implement the 4 pillars of my Healthy Business Groundwork to build the intentional, life-giving and STRONG foundation your business needs to stand the test of time. 

I am so glad I didn’t let my pride keep me from finally enrolling in Val’s program. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel alone in my business or my finances. Val (being a creative herself) understands how a creative brain works. She took us through every part of her process and showed us exactly how to adapt that process to our specific niche. Now I have an even clearer picture of my finances to take my business to the next level of growth... with ALL THE accountability and affirmation I need to get myself there. If you are thinking about enrolling in this program, I would highly recommend NOT WAITING. I wish I’d done this years ago.

Amanda, Brand + Web Designer

Think of saying "yes" to Val's coaching not only as an investment in your business, but also in your own personal life. An investment with Val will be a way for you to gain clarity in your business and ultimately find joy in creating a life you want to live. I would highly recommend this program to any creative!

Ana, Hand-Letterer

I'm not sure I can adequately summarize the impact of Val's expertise on my business. She helped me implement a strategy that would allow me to work smarter, not harder and helped focus my business in a way that supports my LIFE goals. As a business owner, we often let the success of our business dictate our life. Val believes that our life goals should come first, and our business should be built around those personal goals. I will be forever grateful for this guidance and shift in mentality.

Trish, Luxury Wedding Photographer


On our group coaching calls, I will walk you through the principles and details of my healthy business groundwork. There will be time for discussion and questions to make sure it all makes sense!


Everyone's business, goals and version of success are different, which means the ways the principles apply to each of you will differ. Hot seats allow us to focus + troubleshoot individually.


You'll have 24/7 access to our private Slack group for feedback, accountability + real relationships with the other like-minded women in the group throughout the week!


After every group coaching call, you will walk away with homework and clear action items to apply what you're learning directly to your business and your life!


so what does this actually look like?

Say no more, i'm READY TO APPLY!

all sessions will be held on Wednesdays at 1:30pm CST and will be recorded

we kick off in July, are you in?!



7 hot seat calls (5 per person)

10 content-based coaching calls + 30 minute Q&A discussion period to end each call

WEEKLY 90 minute group calls (16 TOTAL)

A 4-month, high-touch, small-group experience for 6-8 female entrepreneurs seeking personalized, heartfelt business coaching, and community support every step of the way.










one and done

One payment of


payment plan 1

5 monthly payments of

you'll be able to choose the option that works for you!





$790 books your spot

your investment



payment plan 2

7 monthly payments of


$565 books your spot

Before you invest in anything else for your business, STOP, and connect with Val. Seriously!! I was hesitant to take the plunge because of the financial commitment, but I wish I would have done it WAY sooner than I did.

Lori, Family + Wedding Photographer

schedule a call

want to chat with Val face-to-face to see if this is the right fit for you?

no-strings-attached, I truly want what's best for you!

1:1 coaching

Sometimes, you just need that focused 1:1 attention to work through a complex situation or to ask personal questions. You'll get two, on-demand 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Val to make sure you make the most of our time together!


THIS IS THE MAGIC y’all!!! August 8-11, 2022 we will get together *in person* in Scottsdale, AZ to deepen our relationships and work on our finances together, because numbers are MUCH easier understood side-by-side. Lodging + meals included!


Camaraderie and real relationship grows best in 1:1 contexts where you can look each other in the eye and share some #realtalk. I'll coordinate 1:1 biz bestie chats so you can really get to know each other on a more personal level throughout the program.


Math is hard! Spreadsheets are God's gift to the creative, allergic-to-numbers brain (like mine!) You'll get exclusive access to ALL the spreadsheets I use in my business and personalized input to customize each one to your unique needs!


wait...there's more?

yeah girl!

"I was slightly hesitant about a business coach, only because I had no idea what to expect and being a small business it's hard to spend money on something you aren't totally sure about. But after the program, I immediately knew that it was something we needed and it felt SO GOOD afterwards to be set up for better success."

Duo Collective, Organic Marketing Agency

I loved having our group meetings every week. Val not only helped me re-discover my love and passion for my business, but also pushed me to believe, and dream bigger in my business than I ever thought possible. I now have a new outlook, a better understanding of my finances, and a new level of confidence in my business. She was so encouraging and helpful through this entire coaching. It was always easy to talk to her, and she is not only very smart and wise, but also very caring and kind.

Dorothea, Wedding + Portrait Photographer


I mean...who wouldn't want to learn finances here?!

ummm hello


Being an entrepreneur can be severely lonely. The retreat made me feel like I have coworkers - friends that understand the struggles of running a business, but also can empathize with the realities that this lifestyle puts on your relationships outside of work. We had endless opportunities to connect, support and encourage one another over our time at the retreat. When we put our collective experiences together the energy was absolutely magnetic.

Kiana, Wedding Photographer + Business Coach


not to mention, side-by-side with other amazing women running hard after the same thing?!

Are you ready to *finally* learn how to make all those business decisions with legit confidence?


I believe

"I didn't realize how much I needed the encouragement, suggestions, and help with my business until I started working with Val. It has completely changed how I do my week from business financials, serving my clients, and finding a great fit so my business is fun and healthy. I look forward to the challenge and the growth each time I meet with Val and couldn't recommend her more"

Morgan, Wedding + Portrait Photographer

Group coaching with Val changed my business for the absolute best! I learned so much. She pushed me to be the best I can be and gave me the tools to be successful and grow a strong business.

Malorie, Wedding Photographer

a little FAQ #realtalk because a good coach shoots ya straight ;)


What if I don't know if I'm ready for coaching?

Honestly? You’re ready when you’re willing to actually do the work. Any type of coaching is fully dependent on your commitment to actually follow through and implement what you learn.

The reality is no matter where you are in business, whether your business is just an idea or you’re flooded with clients and trying to organize the chaos….everyone is ready for coaching because no one has it all figured out and everyone can always get better. You (and I!) can always get better. My job is to help every one of my clients clarify the areas they need to grow in order to achieve a healthy business while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life. In my personal experience, I have never regretted an investment I made in coaching, even when the investment was scary.


Group coaching is for you if...
-You feel like you need to focus on growing specifically in the following areas: pricing, finance management, booking ideal clients, curating + booking your favorite packages, loss of joy in your work, fighting comparison + generally how to make wise business decisions
-You want to build relationships and community with other like-minded entrepreneurs
-You can’t quite afford 1:1 coaching yet

1:1 Coaching is for you if...
-You need more in-depth focus or have a specific project or business need
-You need more individualized attention and full access to me throughout our time together
-You need the flexibility to customize meeting times and pivot our coaching focus to best suit your goals and needs along the way

If you’re still unsure, no worries! Let's jump on a quick call to chat through the options!


Dietary restrictions will be taken into account on the retreat and accommodated as much as possible.

YES everyone will have their own bed in shared bedrooms.


The Thriving Creative is for the female entrepreneur who cares deeply about her work and is ready to implement intentional, healthy business practices to get the “business side of things” under control. 

She’s in it for the long haul and highly values providing an excellent experience for her clients or customers. 

She understands that in order to have a business she loves, she needs to build a strong foundation. She's willing to do the deep, behind-the-scenes, not-so-sexy work to work toward real transformation.

She highly values community over competition and doesn't believe in keeping "secrets." She wants to empower other women to win just as much as she wants to win herself and is willing to put in the time to build lasting relationships.


I’m looking for women who value quality over quantity and genuinely want to build and implement healthy business practices. 

You’re not looking for a get-rich-quick solution, you’re in it for the long haul because you’re passionate about what you do and serving others well. 

It’s also very important that you’re in it for the relationships and believe in empowering and lifting other women up. Choosing vulnerability and openness will be expected and so beautifully rewarding.

A high-value of community over competition is essential. If you feel protective of your knowledge and don’t want to “share your secrets” this is not the program for you. 

Humility, willingness to learn, trust the process and a resolve to DO THE WORK are essential.

What if I have a partner in my business, do we both need spots?

If you are a true business partnership where you are together running one business, you can apply together and everything you receive will be shared (ie, your 1:1 sessions will actually be 2:1).

You will have an additional fee of $400 to cover additional retreat costs.

What will we do in the group sessions, Hot seats + Q&A time?

During the group coaching video sessions, I will present the educational content first and then we will have helpful discussion and troubleshoot together as needed.

My coaching style is a healthy mix of casual lecture + interactive discussion, so that we make sure the concepts make sense and can be applied to your unique situation.

We will also do hot seats where we will spend a set amount of time focusing on one person and their specific needs as a group.

We will have 30 minutes of open Q&A time at the end of each content call where you can ask questions and get feedback over the content and homework as needed. 


We will kick off our 4 months together with our first group coaching call Wednesday, July 6th, 2022 and continue through the month of October.

1:1 sessions will be scheduled on-demand throughout the 4 months, depending on availability during my work hours. 


All sessions will be held over video on Wednesdays at 1:30pm CST via Zoom and will be recorded and made available within 24 hours.

The retreat will be August 8-11 in Scottsdale, AZ.

What if I have to miss a call or the retreat?

All group sessions will be recorded, so if you have to miss one, you’ll be able to catch the recording and ask for any clarification needed in the Slack group!

Because the retreat is intensive and essential to the coaching experience, acceptance into the program will be dependent on your ability to attend the retreat.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can make 5 monthly payments of $790 if you choose not to pay in full up front.

The first payment of $790 and the signed contract books your spot and then the remaining payments will be due the first of each month.

schedule a call

still not 100% sure? I totally get it - let's jump on a zoom call! 

no-strings-attached, I truly want what's best for you!

"It's hard to think through things and make decisions sometimes, but coaching has helped me find ways to make informed and educated decisions. I often feel like I can go down a rabbit hole & start spiraling about things, but Val always brings me back to the basics and reminds me to look at the facts/evidence. All so helpful!"

Regan, Designer

"I have more peace of mind because I am more organized and empowered, I've made more money and become MUCH more confident in what I offer and charge; my website branding and copy feel much more aligned with myself and who I want to attract, I am confident in how I market myself and how I engage with leads.

Natalie, Wedding Photographer

Ok, val, let's do this!

You can step into the role of CEO with confidence and build the kind of business that lights you up inside

I'll show you how in the Thriving Creative Foundations